4 Must Visit Beautiful Places in Alaska

4 Must Visit Beautiful Places in Alaska

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Alaska is a place that is hard to beat when it comes to seeing the beauty of nature. Whether you are looking to see glaciers, wildlife or amazing views, you will find it all in Alaska. Here is a list of the best places to see and do in Alaska.


1. Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park is the largest park in Alaska and it’s a beautiful place to visit. It’s home to the world’s largest tidewater glacier, which can be viewed from the park. This glacier is named “McKinley” and its tongue is more than 2 miles wide and 100 feet high.

The park has many beautiful sights to see, including:

– wild animals (bears, wolves, bald eagles)


– waterfalls


– glaciers and mountains


– beautiful hiking trails


– unique geological formations (such as rock spires)


What is there to do in Glacier Bay?

There are many activities that you can do at Glacier Bay National Park. Some of them include:

Hiking: The trails vary in length from a half mile to 13 miles. They range from easy to difficult hikes. Many of them lead through forests or along rivers or streams. Others go through alpine tundra or along ridges overlooking glaciers. You may want to hike alone or with a group of friends so that you can get the best views possible of the beauty around you. If you want more information about hiking, visit this website:

Boat tours: You can take a boat tour from town to see the glacier. The Glacier Bay Lodge, which is located in the park, has a good selection of boats and guides who will take you on a scenic tour. There are also many other companies that offer boat tours.

Humpback whale watching: It’s possible to see whales from shore during certain times of the year. You may be able to see them from the towns of Gustavus and Hoonah .

Sea kayaking: It’s possible to take a guided kayaking trip in Glacier Bay. You can visit the bay by kayak, canoe or boat.

Fishing: If you are a fisherman, you can fish for salmon, halibut, trout and rock cod in the park.

glaciers bay national park

What are the best times to visit Glacier Bay National Park?

There are three main seasons in which you should visit Glacier Bay National Park: spring, summer and fall. Each season has different weather patterns, so it’s important to know which season is best for your visit.

Spring: This is the best time of year to visit Glacier Bay National Park. The weather is relatively mild, there are lots of wildflowers and the trees are blooming.

Summer: It’s hot in summer. The park gets extremely busy during this time. Most visitors come for the hiking, camping and wildlife viewing opportunities. The park receives many visitors because there is a lot of water in the bay and it’s a great place to fish for salmon or halibut.

Fall: Fall can be rainy, but it also has some beautiful colors to see in the trees. Many people come to Glacier Bay National Park during fall because it’s the only time of year that the glacier calms down. It’s possible to take boat tours of the bay when the glacier is in calmer waters.


What should I wear when visiting Glacier Bay National Park?

If you plan on visiting Glacier Bay National Park, you should dress in layers so that you can stay comfortable throughout your stay. Here are some ideas for what to pack:

  • Lightweight long sleeve shirt and pants
  • Sweater or fleece pullover or jacket
  • Rain boots or rain pants (for those rainy days)
  • Sun hat and sunglasses (to protect your skin from the sun)
  • Long pants for swimming at beaches, swimming in rivers


2. Alaska Wilderness Lodge

alaska widerness lodge

Alaska Wilderness Lodge is a luxury lodge located in the heart of Denali National Park and Preserve. It is the only resort in Alaska that offers access to some of the most amazing views of Mt. McKinley, Denali, and the surrounding wilderness.

The views from Alaska Wilderness Lodge are breathtaking and unforgettable. A few of the sites include:

The view from Mt. McKinley’s summit


The view from Denali’s west face


Glacier Bay’s majestic ice field, which is one of the largest glaciers in North America


The view from Glacier View Lookout, which overlooks Glacier Bay and its tributaries


The property also has a very diverse wildlife population with over 400 species that can be seen while staying at this lodge. Alaska Wilderness Lodge is also home to many trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding and even dog sledding.

If you are looking for a luxury lodge in Alaska, you can’t go wrong with this property. It has everything you need for an amazing experience.


3. Denali National Park and Preserve

denali national park

Denali National Park and Preserve is a major attraction in Alaska. It is the largest national park in the United States and spans an area of 3,300 square miles. The park contains 6 mountain ranges that offer visitors a plethora of hiking trails and scenic views. The park is also home to some of the largest glaciers in North America, which offer hikers breathtaking views and opportunities to observe wildlife.

The mountain range that contains Denali is also called the “Mt. McKinley.” This name was given to it by Captain Cook when he first explored this area during his second voyage to America in 1775.

Denali National Park and Preserve offers visitors a variety of activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, wildlife viewing and photography. There are over 90 miles of trails for hikers to explore; many include camping sites and overlooks that allow visitors an up-close view of nature.

Denali National Park offers over 500 miles of hiking trails for all skill levels: from easy level hikes for beginners to challenging treks for advanced hikers. Many areas within the park are open year-round; however, some areas close at different times depending on weather conditions or visitor traffic patterns. Some areas close earlier if they experience too much snowfall or high winds; others may close later if they experience unusually warm temperatures or low snowfall. The best time to visit Denali National Park is during spring or fall when temperatures are milder but snowfall has not yet begun or ended than winter months when temperatures drop below freezing but there is still plenty of snow on the ground; this usually occurs between mid-December through mid-March each year depending on weather conditions that occur during those times.


4. Petersburg

petersburg alaska

Petersburg, Alaska is a great place to visit. It’s in the Interior of Alaska, which means it’s a relatively remote area. It’s the largest city in Southeast Alaska and is situated on the banks of the Inside Passage.

It’s known as “The Last Frontier City” because it was once a frontier town. It was first settled by Russian fur traders in 1805. The first American settlers arrived in the late 1800s, when this area was still part of Russia.

The city has grown from just over 700 residents to over 19,000 today. Petersburg is one of only two cities in the United States to have a university within its borders: Petersburg College and University of Alaska Southeast.

Petersburg has many natural wonders that you can enjoy when you visit, including:

Diamond Head Mountain: A beautiful mountain with an impressive peak at 3,542 feet that overlooks downtown Petersburg and Lake Hood (Alaska).

Cape Fox: A scenic point on the shoreline where you can see glaciers like Glacier Bay and Harding Icefield. The ice field extends for miles along the shoreline and has been photographed by astronauts aboard the International Space Station!

Portage Glacier: This glacier is about 2 miles long and up to 250 feet wide and covers an area of about 8 square miles. There are also two tidewater glaciers at Lake Hood (Alaska).

Lake Hood (Alaska): One of North America’s largest freshwater lakes; it has about 30 islands within its shores that provide some great opportunities for bird watching, wildlife viewing and photography!


So whether you are looking to see the beauty of nature or to get away from it all, Alaska is the place to be. It is home to the best wilderness and natural beauty. Be sure to check our other blog posts for relevant news.

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