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hubbard glacier

Hubbard Glacier: A Majesty of Nature in Alaska

The Hubbard Glacier is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Alaska. This magnificent glacier is over six miles wide and extends over seventy miles from the Gulf of Alaska to Canada’s Yukon Territory. The Hubbard Glacier is truly a sight to behold. Each year, the Hubbard Glacier calves, or sheds, icebergs into the…

hering cove alaska

Herring Cove: The Most Spectacular Place in Alaska

Herring Cove is a small unincorporated community in Kodiak Island Borough, Alaska, United States. It is located on the southeast coast of the island, at Herring Cove Lagoon. The cove was originally named by Russian explorers in the 18th century and was later used as a whaling station. Today, Herring Cove is home to a…

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