Alaska Dall Sheep Hunting

Dall Sheep hunting in Alaska opens August 10th and runs trough September 20th. These season dates are always subject to change by the department of fish and game. Each of our clients are guided one on one by our professional guides. The fact that we are hunting in two of Alaska best locations will give you an outstanding opportunity to take a trophy of a lifetime. We will arrange for your air transportation from your point of arrival in Alaska to our camps. Once you are in the actual hunting area, all hunting is on foot. Although our base camps are located so that hunting can be done from them, hunters and guides usually spend most of the hunt well away from the base camp and are often in remote spike camps. The effort you are willing and able to put forth will have a bearing on your chances for success. You are almost assured of seeing respectable trophies on any of our hunts. Most of our sheep will be in the 36" - 38" range. We will usually take several animals each season that will go into the 40" plus range. Our success rate each season for years has been between 90% - 100%. Our hunts are conducted for 10 hunting days and our cost will vary depending on the type of hunt you want. Our success rate is the same regardless of the cost. You can expect an exceptional effort from your guide and we will provide you with an honest fair chase hunt. We are looking forward to providing you with the very best Alaskan experience available.