Alaska Caribou Hunting

Our Guides are hunting the Mulchatna herd that has grown in excess of 200,00 animals. The wide open will allow hunters time to select a quality trophy bull. Remote fly in camps will put you int dense caribou populations. The caribou season starts in August and for the past 5 seasons our hunters have enjoyed 100% success on both our guided outfitted unguided hunts. Experience guides and packers will quarter you meat and prepare your capes for the taxidermist. Caribou will still be in the velvet in August but come September they will shed their velvet. Six days 1 on 1 hunt and 2 on 1 hunts costs vary. Costs include meals, guides, lodging, transportation from a designated locations. We also have unguided outfitted tent and cabin locations.

Trophy Class Reindeer & Caribou Hunting

Remote islands with very few hunters and large numbers of record class bulls that can qualify for the record books. These hunts are limited and very remote on islands or the Aleutians. These hunts are a legitamate hunt for trophy class animals. In 2003, we took the new #3 & 5 for SCI book.