Alaska Brown/Grizzly Bear Hunts

Our Guides can offer you some of Alaskas best bear hunting. For the past 20 years we have presented our hunters with almost 100% opportunity and success rate of over 90%. There are no guarantees; however our success rate is the best in the state. Our Brown Bears have been averaging 9'6", and we have taken numerous B & C bears since the fall of 1998. We can also boast the Pope & Young world record. A recent client shot a 9'6" bear from his wheel chair. Due to the quality and success of our bear hunts many of our clients book a year or more in advance. We suggest early reservations.

We are now providing hunter with the opportunity to take Brown and Grizzly bears from tree stands over salmon streams frequented by lots of bears. We have permission to bait bears in several areas and again hunt from tree stands for either archery or rifle. A high population of bears in certain areas are now considered predator control areas and the state has allowed baiting. We can also do the traditional spot and stalk in the same hunt areas.

Kodiak Island Brown Bear Hunting

Our hunts on Kodiak are conducted on the northern part of the island called Afognak. This hunt is a draw hunt with very good odds. Many of our hunters if not drawn will contract with us to do a peninsula hunt. Hunters will either fly by float plane or travel by boat to remote camp locations. Afognak Island is remote and virtually uninhabited except for very large Brown Bears.

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunting

Our hunts on the peninsula are conducted on alternating fall and spring seasons. We hunt 1 on 1 from remote tent camps that will require a bush plane flight to and from your hunting location. Hunts will range in length from 10 to 12 days. Cost will vary depending on the hunt location. We will take only a limited number of hunters in each of our hunting areas every season. Our bears will average 9'0" and we have taken ll' bears. We do not over hunt our areas. We will fly, scout and locate bears prior to your arrival. Our hunting areas on the peninsula have numerous salmon streams which are a favorite for bears and when they want a change in diet we hunt them on the berry patches. We also have a 20 mile long ocean bay which is patrolled by bears looking for an easy meal along the coast.

Alaska Grizzly Bears

Far western Alaska, with lots of well fed grizzlies. A rifle success rate over 90% , a remote lodge and small overnight cabins and tent camps to hunt from, this is an outstanding Alaskan hunting experience. Our outfitter has over 20 years of guiding experience and has been featured on several TV hunting specials. It is not uncommon for our hunters to have multiple opportunities on their hunt. These bears average between 8'1/2" - 9'6". Please preview this information, then call me if you have any questions. This hunt can be in combination with moose but is limited. Book early